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Kelley, Burt dominate LSC track and field meet

Kendra Kelley of Cloquet leads the pack during the 100 meter dash final during the Lake Superior Conference track meet at the Spartan Sports Complex in Superior Thursday afternoon. (Clint Austin / / 3
Ellie Gamradt of Hermantown competes in the high jump during the Lake Superior Conference track and field meet Thursday at NBC Spartan Sports Complex in Superior. (Clint Austin / 2 / 3
Ashland's Walker Miller (right) won the 1,600 ahead of twin brother Maury (left) at the Lake Superior Conference meet Thursday in Superior. (Jon Nowacki / 3 / 3

Temperatures climbed into the 50s on Thursday afternoon at NBC Spartan Sports Complex in Superior, prompting the public address announcer to come on the mic.

"You see that thing in the sky," he said, referring to the sun. "Enjoy it."

Monsoon season in the Twin Ports took a temporary reprieve just in time for the rescheduled Lake Superior Conference track and field championships, and as the weather heats up, the times go down as Cloquet sophomore Kendra Kelley and Duluth Marshall junior Jonathan "Jack" Burt stole the show.

Kelley won the 100, 200, 400 and long jump, while Burt swept the three individual sprinting events. Cloquet, whose sophomore hurdler Kelly Lorenz and senior thrower Evan Erickson won two events apiece, took the girls and boys team titles.

"I did a lot of training and came in with the mindset of what I wanted to do and what I wanted to accomplish," Kelley said. "I put in the work early on, and it's carrying me through the season."

Three LSC records were broken, including two by Kelley as she won the 100 in a blazing 12.46 seconds, bettering the mark of 12.50 set by Cloquet's Jessica Vork in 2006, as well as her long jump of 17 feet, 1.75 inches, crushing the 16-7.5 of Duluth Marshall's Jaime Waterhouse in 2001.

Kelley was good before, but this year "she's phenomenal," according to Lumberjacks assistant coach Arne Maijala.

"The work Kendra put in over the winter really paid off," Maijala said. "She's fun to watch and is always positive. She just keeps getting faster, and that's always a great sign. We don't know what her limit is."

Kelley won the 100 by nearly a second, the 200 by two seconds, the 400 by three seconds and the long jump by a foot. That's the equivalent of winning a marathon by a mile. Apparently, speed is in the genes as her eighth-grade sister, Katelyn, joined her on the podium in taking third in the 100 and second in the 200.

"I just like to see her face," Kendra Kelley said of her little sister. "I'm so proud of her."

Kendra Kelley is a special athlete, one of the best in the state, and she looks rather effortless when she runs.

One would guess the Lumberjacks could put Kelley in the 800 or triple jump, or logrolling if it were offered, and she'd be good at that, too.

Kelley also competes in soccer and basketball but track is her favorite.

"Hands down," she said. "I just love just running and the feeling it gives me. I love the coaches and the people. My teammates are awesome. It's just a great community."

And that is why she has dedicated herself to it. She would like to run at the NCAA Division I level. During the winter she lifted weights and did speed workouts by herself, using a treadmill if there was snow on the track. She also eats healthy. It's hard to argue with the results.

"I haven't had a piece of candy since October," she said with a laugh.

A real Daisy

Superior senior Daisy White was even more dominating in winning the shot put and discus. White's toss of 33-1 won the shot by nearly five feet, and her mark of 122-8 in the discus won by 35 feet and topped the record of 118-8 by Two Harbors' Lonyll Seeley in 2004.

White will sign a letter of intent today to compete in track and field at St. Cloud State.

Burt three-peats

Burt was asked if the 200 was his favorite event after taking second at the Minnesota Class A meet last June.

He smiled and said, "It is now."

Now Burt would like to capture a state title in the event. He sure looked the part Thursday, dominating in 22.63. His leg turnover is excellent. It looks like he is gliding on wheels, but it is his ability to attack the corners that separates him.

"No complaints. I'm running really well," Burt said. "The warmer weather makes a difference, but competition is a big thing, too. I'm looking forward to subsections and beyond."

Miller milers

Spectators thought they were seeing double watching the boys 1,600, with twins Walker and Maury Miller leading the way. Maury set the pace only for Walker to pass him on the last corner to win in 4:28.92. Walker Miller also won the 3,200, while his brother took second in the 800.

"It's off and on who wins," Walker Miller said.

"It was just the opposite last time," Maury Miller said. "I got the meet record when he led the whole time."

Older brother, Bryce, runs for Missouri-Kansas City and was 10th in the 3,000 steeplechase at the Olympic Trials last summer. The brothers are close, but the twins are one of a kind.

"There is never any dissension among those two," said their father, Dan Miller. "They're best buddies."

LSC Championships At NBC Spartan Sports Complex, Superior

Boys Teams

1. Cloquet, 189.5; 2. Superior, 150.5; 3. Ashland, 96; 4. Hermantown, 94; 5. Proctor, 92; 6. Duluth Marshall, 39; 7. Duluth Denfeld, 35.


100 meters — 1. Jack Burt, DM, 11.18; Steven Pearson, Sup., 11.76; 200 — 1. Burt, DM, 22.63; 2. Matthew Buerger, Sup., 23.95; 400 — 1. Burt, DM, 51.30; 2. T.J. Gamradt, Herm., 51.70; 800 — 1. Conner Denman, Clo., 2:01.96; 2. Maury Miller, Ash., 2:02.47; 1,600 — 1. Walker Miller, Ash., 4:28.92; 2. M. Miller, Ash., 4:30.84; 3,200 — 1. W. Miller, Ash., 10:01.78; 2. Isaac Boedigheimer, Clo., 10:13.41; 110 hurdles — 1. David Cornelius, Herm., 16.59; 2. Justice Koepp, Pro., 16.84; 300 hurdles — 1. Gunnar Gronski, Sup., 42.26; 2. Cody Fernandez, Pro., 43.01; 400 relay — 1. Pro. (Brett Bower, Jeff Leone, Cody Fernandez, Dakota Ellis Ciacco), 46.11; 2. Sup., 46.24; 800 relay — 1. Sup. (Chase Elder, Robin Preston, Steven Pearson, Matthew Buerger), 1:34.92; 2. Clo., 1:37.56; 1,600 relay — 1. Herm. (Dawson Prisk, Mason Thedens, David Birkland, Gamradt), 3:34.93; 2. Clo., 3:36.06; 3,200 relay — 1. Herm. (Birkland, Prisk, Mark Monte Jr., Thedens), 8:35.91; 2. Clo., 8:36.70; high jump — 1. Sam Kline, Sup., 6-3; 2. David Cornelius, Herm., 5-8; pole vault — 1. Eli Benson, Clo., 11-0; 2. Ian Pufall, Ash., 11-0; long jump — 1. Nicholas Ferrando, Sup., 19-2; 2. Alex Leuzzo, Clo., 18-9; triple jump — 1. Leuzzo, Clo., 39-11.5; 2. Ellis Ciacco, Pro., 39-7; shot put — 1. Evan Erickson, Clo., 51-5; 2. Dakota Craig, Ash., 46-1; discus — 1. Erickson, Clo., 167-4; 2. Dylan Lauer, Clo., 136-11.

Girls Teams

1. Cloquet, 190.5; 2. Hermantown, 159.5; 3. Superior, 93.5; 4. Proctor, 89; 5. Ashland, 77.5; 6. Duluth Marshall, 46; 7. Duluth Denfeld, 38.


100 meters — 1. Kendra Kelley, Clo., 12.46 (LSC record); 2. Samantha Mark, DM, 13.25; 200 — 1. Kendra Kelley, Clo., 25.90; 2. Katelyn Kelley, Clo., 27.87; 400 — 1. Kendra Kelley, Clo., 59.38; 2. Ariel Carlson, Pro., 62.47; 800 — 1. Aneesa Tucker, Ash., 2:23.17; 2. Brita Birkeland, Herm., 2:23.23; 1,600 — 1. Ashlee Siegle, DM, 5:29.92; 2. Lauren Cawcutt, Clo., 5:34.78; 3,200 — 1. Amy Wallis, Ash., 12:02.88; 2. Cawcutt, Clo., 12:12.34; 100 hurdles — 1. Kelly Lorenz, Clo., 17:08; 2. Annika Culver, Pro., 17.64; 300 hurdles — 1. Lorenz, Clo., 49.84; 2. Marcia Mogensen, Sup., 50.18; 400 relay — 1. Herm (Kiersten Olson, Ellie Gamradt, Erin Wester, Alexys Lewis), 53.13; 2. Clo., 55.91; 800 relay — 1. Clo. (Dana Jones, Elizabeth Couture, Sydney Wick, Katelyn Kelley), 1:54.36; 2. Pro., 1:54.55; 1,600 relay — 1. Herm (Olson, Macie Sisson, Amanda Robbins, Birkeland), 4:14.56; 2. Pro., 4:16.87; 3,200 relay — 1. Herm (Maiah Christianson, Sisson, Robbins, Birkeland), 10:08.46; 2. Ash., 10:16.30; high jump — 1. Gamradt, Herm., 5-2; 2. Camrynn Slattengren, Herm., 5-0; pole vault — 1. Bailey Nuutinen, Ash., 9-6; 2. Payton Schneberger, Clo., 8-0; long jump — 1. Kendra Kelley, Clo., 17-1.75; 2. Culver, Pro., 16-1; triple jump — 1. Tucker, Ash., 34-6; 2. Gamradt, Herm., 32-11.5; shot put — 1. Daisy White, Sup., 33-1; 2. Makayla Suominen, Clo., 28-7; discus — 1. White, Sup., 122-8; 2. Suominen, Clo., 87-5.