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Outdoors calendar

• Sept. 1 — Minnesota bear hunting opener.

• Sept. 1-7 — Wisconsin early teal season.

• Sept. 1-15 — Wisconsin early goose season.

• Sept. 2 — Minnesota early Canada goose hunting season.

• Sept. 6 — Wisconsin bear season opens in some zones, consult regulations.

• Sept. 7 — Minnesota antlerless deer lottery deadline.

• Sept. 9 — Minnesota youth waterfowl day (tentative).

• Sept. 16 — Minnesota archery deer and grouse hunting openers; Wisconsin archery and crossbow deer opener; Wisconsin grouse hunting opener in Zone A; Wisconsin goose season opener in exterior zone, north.

• Sept. 16-17 — Wisconsin youth waterfowl hunt

• Sept. 23 — Minnesota waterfowl opener (tentative); Minnesota and Wisconsin woodcock hunting opener; Wisconsin waterfowl opener in north zone.

• Sept. 30 — Minnesota fall turkey season opener and prairie chicken season.

• Oct. 4-10 — Wisconsin bear season in all zones other than Zone C with bait and other legal methods not using dogs.

• Oct. 7-8 — Wisconsin youth deer hunt.

• Oct. 14 — Minnesota pheasant opener.

• Nov. 4-19 — Minnesota firearms deer season in Series 100 units.

• Nov. 18-26 — Wisconsin gun deer season.

• Nov. 25-Dec. 10 — Minnesota muzzleloader deer season.

• Nov. 27-Dec. 6 — Wisconsin muzzleloader deer season.

• Consult regulations for other seasons.


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DO IT: Pick 'em

Dedicated blueberry pickers are out now, scouting their spots to see how the berries are coming along. They're mostly small and green now, but it won't be long before they're bigger and blue. Better check your patches.