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Reader's View: Fix what needs fixing before envisioning

I read with interest about Imagine Duluth 2035, and wow, there are lots of over-the-top ideas to make Duluth a kind of "Alice in Wonderland" (Our View: "Embrace Duluth's revised vision — Don't just adopt comp plan update, use it.").

There are a lot of exciting creative ideas. But are they practical?

My thoughts are, imagine this: streets to drive smoothly on, not ones with holes the sizes of small meteor craters. Imagine Willow Street, Springvale Street, West Third Street past 11th Avenue West, 10th Avenue East, and countless other streets on which we are forced to drive each day all smooth for driving. Imagine old, boarded-up buildings gone: the Kozy, the Dairy Queen on Central Entrance, and dozens of dilapidated buildings gone. Imagine boulevards mowed and kept up.

Before we can get to the things in the 2035 plan, we must deal with the now. A great saying for Duluth should be, "Let's take care of the things directly in front of us now." Spending hours and days on long-term goals is one thing. It will not, however, take care of Duluth's needs that are right in front of us.

Pat Osterberg