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Reader's View: Students will suffer from poor planning

The Duluth school district seems to have arrived at a solution to its current financial "crisis" ("Furlough proposed for staff at Duluth schools," Dec. 16). With four grandsons in the Duluth school system, I feel some responsibility to comment.

As I understand it, the financial shortfall is because of faulty planning with regard to enrollment numbers and the payments for special-education students. And this is why district administration is proposing to have its staff and teachers take two days of unpaid leave.

It's Christmas. No one wants to see people lose their jobs. So this solution spreads the suffering around, right?

But who pays? The district's leaders were hired to provide all students with outstanding education and to make tough decisions. If they can now have all their educators take two days off, who will be teaching the kids? No one? It seems to me the kids are the ones who ultimately will pay for the poor planning.

And what about next year? Why won't the same problem still be there?

By bringing this to a head at Christmas, our school administration is headed toward avoiding what it is paid to do. Only the Grinch would say, "Let's have layoffs." Eventually, the administrators will have to stand up and make tough decisions.

Maybe a few of the people responsible for the poor planning should take a year off. Wouldn't that make more sense?

Thomas Kroll