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Reader's View: PolyMet needs evidentiary hearing

The Aug. 29 story, “The dam debate: Polymet tailings basin dams are key point in upcoming permits,” got me thinking about different points of view of the proposed mine. Politicians are enthusiastic about the possibility of the PolyMet mine. To them it means high-paying jobs and votes in the next election. I am not a politician, I am a grandfather.

Grandfathers have a responsibility to think of future generations. Historically, every mine of this design has resulted in pollution to nearby waters. Our granddaughter lives in Duluth. When she is old enough to be looking for a job, PolyMet could be closing down. Instead of a high-paying job, we will be leaving her and her grandchildren the almost-certain danger of a catastrophic mine disaster in the St. Louis River watershed. For a grandfather, this is a short-sighted bargain.

I join Duluth for Clean Water in calling for an evidentiary hearing to get beyond our conflicting perspectives and examine the facts of the benefits versus the dangers of this type of mining.

Jay Newcomb