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Reader's View: Don't dump on WLSSD's facilities

The Western Lake Superior Sanitary District’s Materials Recovery Center, Household Hazardous Waste Facility, and Yard Waste Compost Site are wonderful facilities to have at our disposal here in Duluth. The people who work at these facilities are the best and the nicest; they are so nice. They make you look forward to cleaning out and paying them a visit.

Recently, I took two pickup-truck loads to the Materials Recovery Center on Rice Lake Road. My daughter and I are both on a mission to get our cars in our garages this winter where they belong. I’m familiar enough with the recovery facility to know how to load the truck. The first stop was the reuse area, which almost emptied my loads on both trips.

What a great idea it was to set up this facility in this area. People use it so much, and it saves so much “stuff” from going into the landfill. The same goes for the hazardous waste facility.

I am so impressed every time I visit one of these WLSSD facilities. I’m impressed by the organization, cooperation, friendliness, and help. It all works so well and is so appreciated.

I hope this is the same for all the employees behind the scenes: The ones I encounter all seem to be happy to see me; it really shows. Theirs are such important jobs for our whole community.

There are always things to complain about. But after the progress I’ve made in getting closer to the my goal of having cars in the garage this winter, I am feeling very thankful. Having these well-run, well-staffed facilities here in Duluth is such an asset.

Dianna Erickson