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Reader's View: Gorham has critical strengths

Through my work at Community Action Duluth, I have had the pleasure of working alongside School Board At Large candidate Josh Gorham and experiencing firsthand the mentorship and camaraderie he provides.

Gorham has an influential presence and is a sincere advocate for comprehensive equity, safety, and access to opportunities for Duluth's underrepresented kids. His voice is a powerful asset across our coalition-building work. His perspective, positive attitude, experience, and passion are critical strengths to effectively serving on the Duluth School Board.

Gorham has a keen eye for systems-change and solutions-focused work and has meaningful relationships in this community because he sees issues with the depth they deserve. He is a mindful and impressive candidate.

I strongly encourage Duluth school district residents to vote for Josh Gorham.

Jenny Van Sickle


The writer is a member of the Superior City Council.