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Reader's View: Updegrove will push for needed change

I had the great privilege of meeting Duluth City Council At Large candidate Rich Updegrove through campaigning for Bernie Sanders, and I grew to have great respect for him. We both were attracted to a candidate for president who truly was willing to challenge the system and who recognized that it needed to change. There are systems that still need to change.

In order for true and lasting change to happen, it takes great risks to take a stand and challenge the system. Updegrove has taken strong stands for the most vulnerable and for the environment, even when it has mean he does not get support from power supporters because he has paid attention to the facts. I want a candidate who is willing to challenge the status quo that has prevented true change from happening.

I am a concerned member of the community who has volunteered for change. I have seen that change still needs to happen. Rich Updegrove has proven he is willing to push for that, and that is why I am voting for him.

Rebecca Domagala