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Candidate's View: New voice needed for more promising future in Duluth

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I'm running for Duluth City Council At Large. There are several reasons why.

I realize the complexity of this position, but I also believe I can be a voice of needed change. As a new councilor, I will see to it to remember what matters most: the citizens of Duluth. I believe we need to bring down taxes, allow entrepreneurs to create more jobs, and generate a positive business environment that will allow business owners to be prosperous and keep more dollars here in Duluth.

As someone who has more than 20 years of experience in marketing and business relations in the private sector, I believe my experience can be an invaluable asset to this position.

As someone who believes in fiscal responsibility, I believe local taxes can be at the minimum while operating an effective local government. My extensive experience in budgeting and accounting could be of great benefit in this aspect. In my current position as warranty administrator for Kolar Toyota Hyundai, I'm responsible for the billing and accounting schedules and have an impeccable record of keeping company finances current and in the black.

As someone who regularly attends City Council agenda sessions and meetings, I'm well read on bonding, resolutions, and council proceedings. I believe I can be a positive new voice, one who can be impartial and open to listening to the concerns of our residents.

I feel it's important to give back to the community. As a volunteer for the ALS organization of Minnesota, Salvation Army, Grandma's Marathon, and the 23rd Veteran, I believe in assisting our community in every way I can.

One of my biggest concerns is the rise in the heroin epidemic and crimes associated with it. As a case coordinator and finance manager for eight years for the Arrowhead Psychological Clinic, a state-licensed mental health facility, I have experience working with St. Louis County social services, the Duluth Police Department and probation, and local hospitals and rehabilitation centers. I will be able to use my professional expertise in this aspect. I will do my best in working with local law enforcement agencies to do what I can to be an advocate for our citizens.

I believe we need to stand up for the people of Duluth when it comes to bonding and spending. My pledge is to research each resolution and decide if it's truly in the best interest of the taxpayer. I believe in low taxes, balanced budgets, using the best judgment possible in making important decisions, assisting citizens with their concerns, and taking action and using my leadership abilities to help solve issues. I believe in doing my best to be my brother's and sister's keeper.

It's time to quit partisan politics and instead focus on a promising future. My hope for Duluth is that instead of putting up walls to divide us, we work together to create solutions.

Jan Swanson is a candidate for an At Large seat on the Duluth City Council.

About this race

Seven candidates are vying for two open At Large seats on the Duluth City Council. The top four vote-getters in the Sept. 12 primary election will advance to Election Day on Nov. 7. Commentaries from each of the candidates are being published Monday through Saturday this week on the News Tribune Opinion page. The seven candidates are incumbent Zack Filipovich, Janet Kennedy, incumbent Barb Russ, Brandon Sorvik, Jan Swanson, Rich Updegrove, and Richard Williams.