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Reader's View: Duluth nuns blazed health trail, too

I read with interest the article, "The nuns who shaped Duluth," which was in the Sunday, Aug. 15 News Tribune. It was an excellent addition to the information about a program that has been strong for Duluth and for how people can live and develop.

I write because I believe there is something as equally important that the nuns did: They were among the first to sell health insurance. My memory is that a group of people who were working in the woods were able to buy coverage for their health needs from the nuns who could care for them in a way that was not otherwise available.

This story is one of great importance not only to our community but also to the whole concept of how a program can be used to provide benefits on a basis that is affordable and beneficial and that takes care of people who otherwise could not be taken care of.

I ask that the News Tribune give some space to this story, too.

Daniel H. Mundt