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Matters of Record for May 18, 2017

District Court

St. Louis County

May 17

Laura C. Adamson, 19, Savage, Minn., possession of drug paraphernalia, fined $50; marijuana in a motor vehicle, fined $50.

Joseph V. Anderson, 25, Cloquet, driving while impaired, marijuana in a motor vehicle and possession of drug paraphernalia, dismissed.

Jacob S. Bleskan, 31, Superior, offering a forged check, imposition stayed on two years probation with conditions including $50 fine and 15 days local confinement; possession or sale of stolen or counterfeit checks, dismissed.

Benton N. Clay, 28, Chippewa Falls, Wis., failure to pay UCR fee, fined $300.

Brice K. Foster, 34, Duluth, domestic abuse - violation of order for protection, fined $50 and 90 days local confinement.

Xavier N. Jones, 41, unknown address, fugitive, extradition waived.

Torri A. Kallinen, 20, Superior, texting while driving, fined $50.

Shikha H. Kambil, 21, Duluth, texting while driving, fined $50.

Kali D. Moen, 37, Duluth, driving after revocation, fined $200.

Benjamin S. Monahan, 18, Duluth, possession of drug paraphernalia, fined $50.

Maurice L. Neal Jr., 20, Milwaukee, Wis., uninsured vehicle, fined $200.

Daniel S. Nephew, 26, Duluth, driving after suspension, fined $200.

Scott A. Norlander, 53, Duluth, driving after cancellation - inimical to public safety, adjudication stayed on one-year probation with conditions including pay $100 in prosecution costs.

Emmanuel S. Olson, 26, Cloquet, assault, dismissed.

Nathan P. Schroeder, 39, Duluth, felony theft, imposition stayed on three years probation with conditions including $50 fine, 40 hours Community Work Service and pay $5,995 in restitution.

Alexander P. Swenson, 19, Hopkins, Minn., underage consumption, fined $100.

Dereck J. Swenson, 24, Superior, driving under the influence, fined $1,000 and 60 days local confinement, 15 days stayed on one-year probation with conditions including fine reduced by $500 when Victim Impact Panel completed within six months; possession of a controlled substance, statutory stay of adjudication on three years probation with conditions including $50 fine and 45 days local confinement, concurrent; give false name to a peace officer, fined $50 and one year local confinement, 320 days stayed on two years probation with conditions including n osame ro similar offense, concurrent; driving after revocation, second count driving under the influence, driver fails to stop for accident to property and uninsured vehicle, dismissed.

Morningstar Webster, 24, Rochester, Minn., sale of 17 grams or more cocaine or methamphetamine within a 90 day period, fined $50 and 73 months in prison; aggravated controlled substance crime first degree and firearm, dismissed.

The News Tribune publishes Matters of Record as part of its obligation to serve as a keeper of the local historical record. All items are public records submitted by the courthouse in Duluth. Most defendants are also ordered to pay court and/or surcharge fees. Individual requests for items to be withheld will not be granted.