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Man wrongly jailed gets $20,000 from St. Louis County

A Grand Rapids man who was wrongly arrested and jailed will get $20,000 from St. Louis County in an out-of-court legal settlement approved Tuesday by the county board.

Ronald Gary Gustafson also received $22,500 from the city of Duluth and apparently will get another $15,000 from Itasca County as part of the negotiated settlement.

Gustafson was arrested on May 8, 2015 in Grand Rapids and spent five days in three different jails after being mistaken for another man with the same name. The city of Duluth had issued a warrant for a Ronald Joel Gustafson for failing to appear in court on the misdemeanor charge of tampering with a motor vehicle.

Gustafson suffered health issues after being released and alleged he was denied medications while in custody.