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A smashing time

A mother and daughter tag-team bracing and pulling back a sling shot before launching their Easter egg into the field at Harrison Park. 1 / 4
A young Egg-Splosion participant gets ready to sling his dyed Easter egg into the field. 2 / 4
Dozens of freshly-dyed Easter eggs dry in cartons before they are taken outside to be wrist-rocketed into the Harrison Park field. 3 / 4
Families and friends tie-dyed and marbled dozens of Easter eggs at the Lincoln Park Egg-Splosion celebration. 4 / 4

Dozens of rainbow-colored eggs were launched through the air during the annual Lincoln Park Egg-Splosion celebration Easter weekend. Families tie-dyed and marbled Easter eggs at Harrison Park and Community Center before slinging them into the field using wrist rockets. The egg-flinging party was coordinated by Rock Hill Community Church and Northern Expressions Arts Collective.