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Mentor Duluth

Destiny, 11

Destiny, 11

Destiny is creative and enjoys beading, drawing and painting. She's interested in photography and loves to help cook and bake. Her favorite things to do are play on the computer, swim and dance.

Destiny is outgoing, talkative and expressive, and won't have any problems telling you what she's thinking and feeling. She describes herself as nice, talkative and fun. One thing she likes about herself is that she is very nice.

Destiny wants to be famous when she gets older.

With her mentor she'd like to visit the aquarium, play games and go to movies. Her mother would like a patient, kind and understanding mentor.

To mentor Destiny, contact Jessica Johnson at (218) 722-4745, ext. 124 or email jjohnson

• YMCA, (218) 722-4745, ext. 120

• Boys & Girls Club of Duluth, (218) 725-7706, ext. 518

• Neighborhood Youth Services, (218) 723-3523

• Valley Youth Centers, (218) 721-2334

• YWCA of Duluth, (218) 722-7425, ext. 108

• Proctor Area Community Center, (218) 628-6294

• Mentor Superior, (218) 393-9160