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Mentor Duluth

Jarika, 8

Mentor Duluth matches caring adults with children who can benefit from positive role models.

Jarika, 8

Jarika is a vibrant, spunky girl who loves fashion, music and food, and who has an independent spirit, a kind heart and a passion for creating things. She's stylish and loves to make a statement with her outfits, but doesn't like waiting in long lines or being around people who are easily frustrated. She is proud of her ability to make people laugh.

Jarika's many interests include sewing, crafts and creating things out of found objects, and trying new foods and recipes. Jarika wants to be a hairstylist or a police officer when she grows up.

Jarika wants a mentor who is funny and kind — hopefully with a great big smile and the willingness to ask her a lot of questions and listen to what she has to say. Her mom says a great match would be a light-hearted, creative person who will encourage her to be proud of who she is.

To mentor Jarika, contact Kris Simonson at (218) 722-7425, ext. 108, or email kriss

• YMCA, (218) 722-4745, ext. 120

• Boys & Girls Club of Duluth, (218) 725-7706, ext. 518

• Neighborhood Youth Services, (218) 723-3523

• Valley Youth Centers, (218) 721-2334

• YWCA of Duluth, (218) 722-7425, ext. 108

• Proctor Area Community Center, (218) 628-6294

• Mentor Superior, (218) 393-9160