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A special Mother's Day message

Laurie Mattson (left) and daughter, Ashley Sullivan. Both are from Duluth.1 / 10
Bev Matuszak (left) of Saginaw and son, Brian Matuszak, of Duluth. 2 / 10
Sue Shoberg of Duluth.3 / 10
Violet Mikel (left) and daughter, Sandra Bailey. Both are from Superior. 4 / 10
Carol Bosman of Grand Marais (middle) and daughters Samantha Smith (left) of Grand Marais and Cynthia Bosman of Duluth.5 / 10
Winnie Breitzmann (middle) and her daughters Sandy (left) and Terri Breitzmann. 6 / 10
Sue Matuszak and her daughter, Kaylee Matuszak. 7 / 10
Kelly Thompson and son Nash (left) and daughter Clara. All are from Duluth. 8 / 10
Barb Perushek and her granddaughter Brita.9 / 10
Lu Lu Hagglund (right) with her children Dudley, Susie Lou and Lisa Lou Hagglund.10 / 10

Happy Mother's Day, Mom! We can't thank you enough for your nurturing support and encouragement throughout the years. You have taught us invaluable life lessons. We appreciate your 90 years of wisdom and admire your positive attitude and strength through adversity. We love you!

Submitted by Sandra Bailey of Superior on behalf of Violet Mikel's five children, Sandra, Kevin, Terry, Nancy and the late Jim.

Our mommy, Kelly Thompson, deserves recognition for being a phenomenal mother to both my brother Nash and myself. She is patient, nurturing, inspirational, funny and — above all else — unconditionally loving. Daddy says we hit the jackpot. My little brother and I wholeheartedly agree! Happy Mother's Day!

Submitted by Clara Thompson of Duluth

My mom, Carol Bosman, is strong, generous and kind.

Submitted by Cynthia Bosman of Duluth.

My mom, Sue Shoberg, is the best mom in the world. She has a special gift everyone loves: her heart. She pours out her love and happiness to everyone with her homemade gifts, jellies and mittens. During the year, she puts together about 300 gift bags and fills them with mittens, jellies and soups. Then, she hands them out at Christmas time. Sue love to see those smiles and make people happy.

Submitted by Scott Shoberg of Duluth

My mom, Laurie Mattson of Duluth, is one of a kind. You can take that many ways, and yes, she'd fit them all.

My mom is empathetic — she's always trying to make sure everyone is happy and OK with each other. She'll never stop. Her heart is that big.

My mom is fun! She's crazy and silly and likes to have so much fun, sometimes, not even caring what people think — but that's the best part. She's so confident in who she is that it doesn't matter. So laughs galore when around her.

My mom is an adventurer. She loves to be outdoors and explore new and old sights. She knows a lot of history about Duluth and many other places around the Northland. She's a great outdoors companion.

My mom is a singer. She kicks butt at singing! And playing the guitar. I call her a female John Denver. When my sister and I were growing up, she sang a lot back in her band 'Smooth Character. We were her biggest fans.

My mom is an awesome grandma! My boys love her! She's ready for anything — and with all boys, that's a lot and a heart attack. Thankfully she's patient.

My mom is cool and honest. My mom is down to earth. She would give you the shirt off her back.

My mom understands me and never wants me to be anyone else. She is open to learning new things. My mom is my mom!

My husband and I and our boys love her lots! She knows it. Spoiled much, sure, but why wouldn't she be? Moms rock!

Submitted by Ashley Sullivan of Duluth

I love my mom, Sue Matuszak. She always pushes me to do my best and helps me succeed no matter what.

Submitted by Kaylee Matuszak of Duluth

We love you, Lu Hagglund. Happy Mother's Day! Thank you for teaching us how to garden and giving us our love for flowers. Thank you for being my mom. Love, Susie Lou.

Submitted by Susie Lou Hagglund of Duluth

My mom, Bev Matuszak of Saginaw, has experienced several challenges in her life, many of them coming in the last few years. But she perseveres with a positive attitude and a smile that appears quickly and lasts forever. She also has the patience of a saint — which is an overused cliche, but is 100 percent accurate in this case. She passed all these gifts on to us kids, and I will always be grateful for that. Love you, Mom!

Submitted by Brian Matuszak of Duluth

My mom, Barbara Perushek of Duluth, is very important to me. She has a deep love for all three of her daughters, husband Tom and many grandchildren. She taught me to pursue my passions and to hold true to my beliefs. She always listens, encourages and trusts me, and supports me in my own mothering adventures.

My mom is a lifelong educator and a deeply passionate advocate for providing learning experiences and college opportunities for young people. She instilled the importance of teaching and lifelong learning in all of her daughters. My children, Brita, 7, and Odin, 4, love visiting and exploring the pond and woods, and digging for potatoes and carrots in the garden. Though just last month she lost her own mother, Opal Beck. It isn't easy to move ahead as we grieve, but we all stay connected and close. I want to honor both my mother and grandmother on Mother's Day, for they helped shape the person and parent I am today.

Now, if only you can retire soon so we can play more! We love you, Mom/Grandma!

Submitted by Sarah Carlson of Duluth

Happy Mother's Day to Winnie Breitzmann of Superior: our mother, our friend and our rock. Because of you, we are us. We love you forever and ever and ever.

Submitted by Sandy Breitzmann of Superior and Terri Breitzmann of Gordon